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The Olent Contact Lenses Center avails itself of the expertise of Prof. Riccardo OLENT and of extremely precise instruments, which allow to prepare contact lenses in conditions of absolute safety.

In our Studio, thanks to the application of such technologies as corneal computerised topography and nanotechnology, it is possible to provide contact lenses prepared on the basis of " electronic calculation" of cornea. The result is a significant reduction of trials, of adaptation time, and unprecedented comfort. Astigmatism, miopy, Cheratocone can be corrected with very soft or semi-rigid lenses , selected automatically among a virtual stock of 10.000 lenses.


Our Center has been among the first ones, in 1993, who introduced in Italy the orthocheratologic contact lenses: these lenses are worn only at night, are active during the sleep and reduce progressively miopy till the point that a perfect sight without lenses is obtained.

High definition lenses

A research by J. Stone on miopy control by use of contact lenses, has shown that the use of contact lenses induces a slow down of miopic. H. Kemmet Muller concluded that myopic subjects who use either rigid or gas-permeable lenses obtain stabilisation of miopy in 72.5% of cases.
The mechanisms involved in this action by contact lenses on miopic progression are not yet completely understood, it is a fact however that a young miopic who chooses for sight correction spectacle lenses has 3 probabilities on 4 to suffer miopy progression, whereas the chances are 3 on 4 to stabilize it, by using contact lenses. The high definition lenses are available for each type of visual defect, can be either soft or semi rigid,, and are very comfortable because they are prepared individually to measure, by the Computerised Corneal Topography.

Soft lenses for continuous use

is the new contact lens which can be worn up to 30 days and 30 nights even when you sleep. The new contact lenses Focus NIGHT & DAY supply all the needed oxygen to your eyes.Specifically suitable for those who use video terminals, or have sensitive eyes, or do not tolerate other types of contact lenses.The innovative characteristics of this type of contact lens assure an exceptional comfort and can be carried for many hours even by subjects with reduced lachrymation.

Nowadays, even presbiopia can be corrected by proper contact lenses. In fact the new progressive contact lenses assure to those who are over 40 years of age a tidy vision both near and far, so…. Goodbye glasses!

Cheracotone, cheratoglobe, and marginal semi-transparent degeneration.
Cheracotone, cheratoglobe, and marginal semi-transparent degeneration, are rare yet serious anomalies of cornea, which cause a progressive visual deficiency.At the beginning can be corrected by mere use of spectacles, however it is advisable to commence, as early as possible, to use the Gas-permeable contact lenses. Contact lenses, besides providing a superior sharpness of sight, have also a "restraining" function, can therefore slow down the evolution of the desease.

In our Center, thanks to the great degree of professional expertise and to the use of the Computerised Topograph, the application of these special types of contact lenses is extremely simplified and precise.



Assistance and advise after application.

Olent Card assistance.
We are that a good application depends not only from the expertise of the optometrist, but also from the after-sale service and assistance. For this reason, we provide each patient precise instructions, and we schedule in advance the necessary control visits.Besides, those who posses the Olent Assistance Card benefit from special discounts in the event of loss or breakage of their lenses, and have the possibility to effect whenever necessary all control visits.

Prof. OLENT receives on appointment from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 to12,30 e from 15 to 19,30 o'clock.
Please reserve your visit or simply ask any information by sending an e-mail to : info@olent.it or call to 011-541909 / 011-5611030.
Warnings: The Optical Olent is a Optometric center that does not carry out Medical-Oculistic activity.