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sun glasses

Sunglasses and Photoprotection

Damages caused by excessive exposure of skin to sunlight are often mentioned. Not so much are the damages to sight.The recent studies of Dr.JJ Weiter and Dr.Marco Cordella (Ophtalmic Clinic of Parma) have attested a strong correlation between iris colour, colour of the hair and senile degenerative maculopaties.In a study made by Dr. Weiter (1985) on individuals affected by senile macular degeneration it has been observed that 76% of the subjects affected had fair iris and 57% fair hair. These frequencies, compared to a monitored group of people, showed a statistically relevant correlation between prevailing macular degeneration and colour of iris (the more is clear the less is protected).As a consequence of this fact, some types of sunglasses can turn out to be dangerous if, when reducing the sunlight, they do not filtrate appropriately the most dangerous irradiation, that is UVA and UVB rays and high energy Blue light.Some of the most common eye deseases can be delayed by slowing down eye ageing protecting them appropriately from UV and Blue radiations. To postpone by 20 years such deseases would practically prevent cataract and macular degeneration, which are considered relevant causes of visual defects in the United States.Source: : (Young, R.W. 1992, Sunlight and Age-Related Eye Disease [La Luce Solare e le Malattie Oculistiche Senili]. J. National Med. Assoc., 84: 353-358).

Melanine lenses

The MELANINE polarised sunlight filters are intended to relieve symptoms such as photophoby, dazzlement, loss of contrast Thes sunfilters are indicated, for protection from light, after surgical operations ( PRK, RK, LTK, Lasik, intraocular lens implantation, transplantation of cornea etc.), in eye pathologies such as macular degeneration, albinism, pigmentous and diabetic retinite, cataract, aphachy and glaucoma. The Melanine filters are available at either 60% or 80% piygmentation, they absorb totally UVA and UVB radiations and 95% of high energy Blue Light in the span between 400 to 500 nm. Their colour is a pleasant brown studied in such a way as not to alterate the chromatic perceoption. The simultaneous use of synthetic Melanine, of a polarising filter, and of the BLUE BLOCKER filter guarantee the best photoprotection and a remarkable visual comfort. An equal good performance is provided by the photochromatic chrystals C.P.F. by Corning France devised to obtain a selective filtering of Blue Light, bearing in mind the necessities of different types of sensitive eyes patients.

ALOHA! Welcome into the world of Maui Jim sunglasses.

We know very well that many Opticians offer a discrete choice of outstanding trade marks, signed by the most famous designers. But to those who wish the very best in terms of both design and quality of lensess, nothing can provide more comfort than the chrystals by the PolarizedPlus technology. The Maui Jim sunglasses are available also with gradual lenses, in neutral Grey colour, sutable for very intense light, and in the Light Bronze HCL high contrast version.

Spazio by SOLA Optical

Safety and highest visual performance. Gradual lenses, light or darkened, winding around the front to provide a high resistance to shock and an outstanding protection of the eyes – from UV rays, wind, dust. They are designed purposedly to suit curved frames ( Oakley… ),to offer widened vision field, visual sharpness and high performance.

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