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sports vision

What is Sports Vision

Sports Vision is the program whereby the visual efficiency, ant therefore the athletic performances of those who practice sports ,is improved. To obtain better performances, the Optometrist specialised in in Sports Vision recurs to:

  1. Optometric Visual Analysis, intended to evaluate the visual and perceptional habilities required to practice the specific type of Sport.
  2. Programs of Visual Training to improve the Athletes’ performances.
  3. Contact Lenses and Spectacles specifically conceived for those who practice Athletics
  4. Prevention of traumas by means of protective devices, and advise on visual hygene and protection.

Lenses, safety and visual performance

Gradual lenses, both transparent and sunglasses, winding round the front with a high resistance to shocks and an excellent degree of eye protection- from UV rays, wind, dust. Designed to suit extra curved frames (Bollè, Oakley…), enlarged visual field, for improved sight sharpness and perception performance.

Contact lenses for tennis

They are named ProSoft and have been conceived and designed specially for tennis players. These contact lenses are soft, are of a special quality to prevent dazzling, and to enhance the typical yellow dye used to colour the tennis balls.
The result is a more marked contrast of the ball on the background, and consequently a better perception of direction and impact point on the racket. These contact lenses are available in both neutral or gradual versions, with correction power from +6.00 to -8.00 dioptres; they last one year ant it is advised to use them for sports only.

Glasses for Sport

Studied for shock protection, Proguard glasses are made from soft silicon plastics, and use high resistance polycarbonate lenses.
Very light and comfortable, tennis sunglasses Bollè COMPETIVISION. Conceived in Bollè research laboratory, their highly selective filters confer an impressing clearness to yellow tennis balls. Are available in two sizes, with either neutral, or gradual lenses



  • for sight correction.
  • More contrast
  • Improved perception
  • 100% UV protection
  • Polycarbonate shock preventing lenses
  • Designed for tennis players


Our Laboratory is capable to manufacture and apply sight lenses – up to 15 dioptres – with full visual field on any subaquatic mask with flat .
Twenty years cooperation with sub diving instructors and professionals to supply subaquatic masks and glasses for all visualo defects, now available also in bifocusal version for presbytopes.


“Sports Vision” Visual Analysis basic cost is Lit 12’000 (61.97 Euro). The cost of Visual Education and Visual Training visits is Lit 80 / 95’000 ( 41.32 / 49.06 Euro), frequency of visits is to be defined case by case; standard programs consist normally of 8/10 visits to take place at intervals of 7/15 days.


Prof. OLENT receives on appointment from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 to12,30 e from 15 to 19,30 o’clock.
Please reserve your visit or simply ask any information by sending an e-mail to : or call to 011-541909 / 011-5611030.
Warnings: The Optical Olent is a Optometric center that does not carry out Medical-Oculistic activity.