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computer & vision

Computer vision Syndrome (CVS)

The visual symptomatology associated to the use of video terminals (Computer vision Syndrome ), can result into ailments which can be so much more serious, if our visual system is inadequate. Permanent damages to the skeleton apparatus may be caused by uncorrect positions WHILE USING Video Terminals. The diffused continuous usage of video terminals, whether for professional or for leisure reasons, has given reasons to effect statistical researches on the effects of exposure of the eyes to video terminals. These studies have revealed that 75% of users of video terminals suffer visual fatigue disturbances, partly caused by the presence of radiations emitted by the cathodeal tubes of the monitors, but also from the continuous effort to focalise the different reading distances and the different contrast levels. To prevent the disturbances related to use of video terminals, the VTC centers have devised an optometric treatment based on specific services and products: · Optometric Visual Analysis · Ergonometry and correct Illumination of the workplace. · Protection from electromagnetic radiations. -Disgressive, anti-reflection lenses for video terminals · Visual Training and Visual ExerciseOptometric Visual Analysis.

Optometric visual analysis

Specifical for users of video terminals.

  1. Identification of the problem affecting the video terminal user.
  2. Evaluation of the patient’s normal conditions of visual health.
  3. Search for and prescription of the best type of lens, in relation to the visual hability necessary for a comfortable use of the video terminals.
  4. Advise on visual hygene and on Visual Training to the purpose of maintaining a good degree of visual capacity.

Protection from electromagnetic radiations.

Why do we recommend Princy It is not generally known that the world’s main research laboratories have confirmed and evidenced the existance of emissions of electric and magnetic fields, also of the Low Emission type, from within the video terminal monitors. Today, noone can state with serenity and certitude that there do not exist risks for the health after hours of exposure to the emissions of cathode tubes contained in the video terminals. The more so when exposure is protracted for weeks and months, as it normally occurs when working or having entertainement using a Personal Computer. It is also to be considered that the cathode tube of a PC relies on the same principles of a television set to generate image, but the user stays much closer to a PC than to a TV set. Recent studies have consented to identify and photograph the electromagnetic field that invests our body when we stay at 30 cm distance from a video monitor; however, the last generation of monitors, of the type Low Emission Princy, is the only type of anti reflection screen for video terminals that, by its patented device No Emission wrapping band guarantees a 100% anti radiation active performance. This system eliminates 100% of electrostatic charges, eliminates electric and magnetic radiations at 180° · eliminates UVA e UVB rays. · It utilises acrystal with 99,3% anti reflection performance, to improve image contrast. · It complies with the Italian norm Dec. Lgs. 626/94

Multifocal, disgressive lenses for video terminals.

The necessity to resort to a quick and comfortable focusingalternatively for screen and for nearer VISION ( keyboard or text to be read ) can be only consented by variable degree or disgressive spectacle lenses. Also most useful are the lenses treated for anti reflection, and possibly polarised.

Visual Training and visual exercise.

Visual Training is a soft exercise of the eyes, specifically devised to help read better, more quickly and with less strain. It is particularly useful to train and strengthen the eye muscles stressed by Computer work.Remarkable improvements can be achieved in few sessions of training, this exercise is particularly effective to treat Computer vision Syndrome (CVS), asthenopia and headaches caused by visual stress.


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