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children & vision

Vision and learning

A compound of abilities. Vision is ability to identify, interpretate, understand what is seen.
This capacity is developed from the birth.
To learn how to walk the child creeps, moves on hands and feet, tries to raise to stand up and finally walks without help.
Vision undergoes a similar development .
Vision develops step by step as the child grows.
Some children, for various reason, do not complete correctly all the right sequences of this evolution; from a visual point of view, they will be unprepared to face school engagements.
Two thirds of all information reach the brain from the visual system; therefore, vision has a fundamental role in learning, in sport and in work.
At often occurs that such statements by teachers as “the child is intelligent but not dedicated…may perform better…” hide behind a visual distress that can be evidenced only by a careful optometry inspection. Visual defects (myopia, astigmatism, hypermetropy, lazy eye…) and insufficient visual ability prevent the right perception of information.
At often occurs that the child who reads badly, misunderstand the words, inverts or omits letters and figures, looses trace while reading, can have a form of dyslexia and encounter difficulties in study and sport.

What is the most effective visual prevention ?

To prevent, to detect in advance visual defects, and to cure them is the primary aim of the VTC centers.
Pediatrics visits and preventive eye inspections are generally acknowledged to be necessary, but it is not equally known that the behavioral optometrist, by visual analysis, can detect whether there are defects or deficiencies that can cause difficulties in reading and studying. To this purpose, the VTC center avails itself of specific instruments and “entertaining” facilities by which the main visual capacities of the child can be checked since the age of three.

Can Optometry aid the school child?

Whenever needed, the VTC center can offer the best possible solution by utilizing all the means that optical and optometry sciences can supply.
Spectacles, contact lenses, visual education, visual training, are all optometry supports that can allow any child to study more effectively whit less effort and strain.

What is visual training?

Visual training is a soft, specific, exercise of the eyes, that helps read better, more quickly, whit less effort; it helps particularly to train and reinforce the eye muscles that are streined by study and work. With few sessions, at any age, remarkable improvements can be achieved; Visual Training is particularly suitable for youngsters and is efficient in treating dyslexia, myopia, astenapy and in curing headaches caused by visual stress.


Optometry visual analysis costs between 26 and 62 Eu depending on time required (30 to 45 or more minutes).
The cost of Visual Education and Visual Training is 42-50 Eu.
Frequency is defined case by case; programs generally consist of 6-8 sessions at intervals of 7-15 days.


Prof. OLENT receives on appointment from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 to12,30 e from 15 to 19,30 o’clock.
Please reserve your visit or simply ask any information by sending an e-mail to : or call to 011-541909 / 011-5611030.
Warnings: The Optical Olent is a Optometric center that does not carry out Medical-Oculistic activity.