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Association incorporated with Main Office in 62100 Macerata / Italy Via dei Velini n.128/A.. Answering phone+ 39 0733/234384 fax + 39 0733/233864. This Association has no profit finality, no implication with political parties, and its aims are:

  1. to promote and improve the knowledge of Optometric Science and Profession;
  2. to facilitate exchange of information and cultural relations among optometrists, opticians, and other professionals;
  3. to promote scientific research.

To reach its aims, this Association intends to:

  1. organize conventions, seminars, update courses, and other events.
  2. establish relations with other associations and institutions having finalities similar or in any case pertaining to the purposes that have motivated the origins of this association.;
  3. Organize activities in the fields of training, didactics, culture, recreation, health care;
  4. Edit magazines or other publications inherent to the associacion’s finalities.
  5. activate a Internet site to attain the association’s aims.
  6. Within the VTC Association an Institute for Optometric Researches is established, ( I.R.O.) with the purpose to promote Research within the field of Science of Vision, and to improve and extend the study of anything that may influence and improve it ( natural medicine, food, agriculture, geo-biology, bio-architecture, etc. )

Activities of VTC

Update Courses in OptometricsTitles

required for admittance: High School level diploma with specialisation in optics, specific course in optometry, or degree in optometry. Practice in standard Optometry.
Locations of the Courses: V.T.C in Macerata , V.T.C. in Milano.
Relators: Dr. Domenico Intelisano O.D., Dr. Mario Biondi O.D., Dr. Roberto Cifelli O.D., Prof. Riccardo Olent O.D. and non-optometrist adjoints.

Program of Courses:

n. 1. Energetic based prescription ( Unicist ) in presbiopy, and use of multi-focals. n.2. Prescription in all ametropies, with the conception intended not to extend the visual defect. n.3. Improvement of the philosophy of tjhe Sole Principle, in the energetic based prescription of lenses. Treatment of vidsual defects through the Unicist Optometrics, using light energy. Prescription of best lens through visual re-education. N.4 Prescription of prisms, absorbing lenses, to deal the problem through energy. Closer examination into astenopy and into control of myopy according to the Unicist principle.
Cost: Lit 600’000 + T.V.A. -courses n. 1 – 2 – 3.

Optometrics Literature

Visuakl Re-Education Handbook (J. B. Swartwout O.D.)
Development and Recovery of the Visual Function visiva (D. J. Getz O.D.)
VISION THERAPY (Donald J. Getz, OD )





Equipment Octotype to measure visual sharpness in low contrast









Foresights for Forocter and Octotypes







Continuous cycle color projector for children’s schiascopy, void flippers, maddox flipper.

V.T.C. centers and Affiliated in Italy

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