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pilots & vision

Vision is the most important flight instrument for a pilot.
During the flight, nothing is more important to the aircraft pilot than his sight. In some instances, also due to the remarkable stress exherted on the pilot’s eyes, myopia can grow to the point where the important vision difficulties make it impossible to obtain titles such as the Class 1 licenses.

Ortocheratology makes it possible to reduce myopia gently and quickly, to the point where a perfect sight, without use of spectacles or contact lenses, is obtained. The reduction of myopia will allow pilots to pass wthout difficulties the sight examinations necessary to obtaine the Class 1 license.

Aircraft Pilots, Fire Brigade and Police Officers, have been enabled to reach the required standards with our “Orthos” Program, without use of lenses and without recourse to Surgery.This program is safe, quick, effective,, it has satisfied hundreds of myopes and astigmatics in our Center and also¬†all over the world.


Prof. OLENT receives on appointment from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 to12,30 e from 15 to 19,30 o’clock.
Please reserve your visit or simply ask any information by sending an e-mail to : or call to 011-541909 / 011-5611030.
Warnings: The Optical Olent is a Optometric center that does not carry out Medical-Oculistic activity.